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You may come across Sake terms, such as “Junmai-Daiginjo” and “Daiginjo”. These are examples of types of Sake. To have such types of sake, breweries have to meet special designations specified by the Japanese government.

Junmai-Daiginjo is brewed with sake rice polished to 50%, along with rice-koji and water. Fermented in low temperature as low as 10°C for a long period, with no additional alcohol added, the rich rice flavour and fruity aroma came out straight from the ingredients, producing a unique “Ginjo” aroma.

Junmai-Daiginjo is best to serve between 10°C to 15°C, to bring out their nice light, complex flavours and aromas. On the contrary, heat will destroy the aroma of Junmai-Daiginjo.

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As categorized as aromatic sake, this kind of sake has a light, aromatic with floral and fruity taste. Junma-Daiginjo is best to pair with light flavour food to enhance the flavour of both sake and food, such as salmon roe, scallop, shrimp sashimi, and sushi

Junmai-Daiginno is a mixture of rich, mellow and smooth rice flavour, with fresh fruity, floral aroma, combining with a precise brewing process, producing an elegant and style.