[Saga 佐賀縣]

Established in 1688, Amabuki Brewery located in Saga Prefecture. The brewery dedicated to providing the best sakes made with Saga produced sake-brewing rice and water, and flower yeast with a wide variety of profiles, along with excellent climate, and unique, long history brewing method. This unique sake brewery method gives the brewery’s sakes a unique taste in the vast world of sakes.

Flower Yeast

Amabuki Sakes use proprietary flower yeasts that give our sakes a unique taste unequaled in the sake world. Yeast is an essential part in sake brewing. Historically, sake yeast has been cultured from a strain extracted from sake mash but at Amabuki, they use flower yeast, a type of yeast that has been extracted from flowers, a totally new and innovative yeast developed with the effort to truly make a difference in sake making.


In the Language of flowers, Aberia means “Humility”. Aberia blooms from summertime through the autumn. Sake made using yeast from this blossom is well-balanced in flavor and has a sweet, wine-like aroma we know you’ll love.


Rhododendron in the language of flowers means “Dignity”. Sakes made with yeast from this beautiful pink blossom have a firm yet fruity character. Enjoy this sake slightly chilled to appreciate this sake’s body and aroma at it’s peak.


In the Language of flowers the rose means: “Love, always beautiful”. The sake made from vine rose yeast is rich in apple and pear aromas. From the moment you taste this sake, you’ll feel the vibrancy and joy of this sake.