Mancura – The Mythical Condor of the Andes

Mancura was born as a tribute to our roots, our traditions and our origins. Legend has it that Mancura, the Andean Condor, appears in the heights of the Andes bringing with him the sun that provides the strength, heat and energy that our valleys need. At dusk, and with its majestic flight, Mancura brings in the freshness of the sea, allowing us to enjoy one of the best conditions in the world to produce high-quality wines.

Chile’s Terroir


The Chilean terroir is considered particularly privileged, due to the geographical position of the country, which lies between the Atacama desert to the north (the driest in the world), the cold Patagonia to the south, the Pacific Ocean to the west and embraced by the Andes mountain range to the east.
Mancura makes wines of the new world which are a faithful reflection of the different terroirs to be found up and down the length of Chile. These are transferred to our wines. In this way our customers all over the world will down the length of Chile. These are transferred to our wines. 

Featured Items

Mancura Etnia Series

Etnia “Ethnic” is our tribute to the sunrise of Mancura, the beginning of his flight. Etnia represents all the fruity and young wines born in Chile.

Cabernet Sauvignon - Central Valley

Pronounced blackberry aromas on the nose mingling with touches of leather and chocolate. The wine is soft and fruity, perfectly balanced with fine, smooth tannins.

Merlot - Central Valley

Packed full of ripe blackberry and plum aromas with delicate hints of spice and crushed black pepper. The wine is soft and fruity, beautifully balanced by velvet-textured tannins

Carmenere - Central Valley

It presents an aroma of blackberries, blueberries, with pleasant notes of coffee and chocolate. This wine has a good persistence, it is silky, soft, very pleasant

Moscato - Itata Valley

With a fresh nose and aromas of white flowers and a touch of citrus, which heightens the freshness. The palate offers tremendous acidity, balance, and very enveloping sweetness combined with pleasing persistence.