Into the Fall

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Autumn is a beautiful season where the leaves change to a golden color and give the leaves part of their fall splendor. Autumn is the transition season that leads us from the hot, bright sunny months into the cold, dark nights of winter and all of the fun the end of the year will bring. 
Apart from the gorgeous view, the cooler temperatures bring a whole slew of seasonal activities and goodies, such as hotpot, barbecue and picnic. To pairing the seasonal foods, you must try Hiyaoroshi — limited-edition, seasonal brews.


Hiyaoroshi is a Japanese Sake for the season of Autumn. it has been brewed in winter, then heated up once the sake is squeezed out in the early spring. During the summer, Sake is aged in the cellar until it is available in the autumn. To something keep cold in cellar’s temperature is known as “Hiya” in Japanese; then, in autumn it is brought down (Orosu). This is the origin of “Hiyaoroshi”. Like wine, benefits from a bit of time to allow the flavors to mingle and mellow . Because Hiyaoroshi skip 2nd pasteurization and aged more than half year, so that it was prized for its balance of lively freshness and graceful harmony, and the taste becomes milder and richer.


Autumn is the best season for various kind of fruits, mushroom and seafood. The flavor of fruits and mushroom become sweeter and juicier, and seafood store fat and tastes much richer. Especially Pacific saury (Sanma) is in peak season, it offers a high content of fish oil and vitamins. Pair up the seasonal rich foods with Hiyaoroshi, the great balance of mingle and mellow make it a perfect match for all autumn fare.