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Chateau Pierrefitte Cuvee de Malte 2018 Lalande de Pomerol 750ml


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Tasting notes:

This winehas a garnetredcolour, the noseisfull of ripedredfruits, coatedwithspices. The texture iscomplexand richwithmeltedtanins. The finale islong and generous.

The Lalandede Pomerolappellation has enjoyed a fine reputation throughout history. Its vineyards were first planted in the 12th century by the Knights Templar who went on to become expert winemakers. Located to the immediate north of Pomerol, the two appellations are only separated by the Barbanne, a small stream. Château Pierrefitteis located on the southern part of a plateau very propitious to winegrowing. This estate belongs to Michel-Pierre Massonie, the “Premier Bailli” of the appellation’s vinous brotherhood. His son Bertrand, who now manages the estate, has given the vineyard a new impetus.