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Hong Kong Craft Gin Set (Twin Pack)


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Two Moons Signature Gin
A light, delicate balance of crisp citruses with floral berries, sweet nuts and mellow roots in this London Dry Gin. Fragrant with citrus aromatics on the nose. Sipped – crisp notes of lemons and tangerines first glide through the mouth and develop into a soft floral kick of pink berries. The sweet nuttiness of vanilla and tonka beans then linger in the palate before leading to a finishing flavor of mellow spices and roots.

Perfume Tree Gin
The ultimate harmony and balance of complex flavour. Inspired botanicals from the heritage of Hong Kong are harmoniously coupled with classically recognised gin tones to create the sumptuous and refreshing aromas of Perfume Trees Gin. Since it’s launch, Perfume Trees Gin has been awarded in almost every major competition in the world.