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Kitagawa Honke Umehsu Collection Gift Box


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JS611102: 2 types of Umeshu were blended, one with sake base and the other with shochu base. Used the best ripe Nanko plum from Wakayama and it has fruity aroma and good balance of sweetness and tartness. Refreshing taste with sake flavor. Best selling Umeshu from Kitagawa Honke.
JS611103: Lile Kyoto’s signature souvenir “Yatsuhashi”, this unique Umeshu was blended with cinnamon. Aroma of cinnamon and tartness of plums are perfect match and it gives refreshing taste with sake flavor.
JS611104: Used 100% Gyokuro Green tea from Kyoto Uji Hekisuien. Natural tea leafs give aroma, refreshing taste and bitterness and it is perfect match with rice shochu base Umeshu made with ripe “Nanko ume”.
JS611105: Great balance of refreshing taste of yuzu and tartness from plum. Umeshu is rice shochu and sake base and you can also enjoy the texture of puree. Enjoy on the rock or mix with soda.
JS611106: Used 100% red parilla (Shiso) from Kyoto Ohara Shibafuke shop. Refreshing taste with rich flavor of plum and trartness. Great for aperitif and during meals.