Wine is Bottled Poetry」, Robert Louis Stevenson - Scottish Poet

Valentine’s Day is coming soon, have you planned how to spend it romantically? In this loving festival, pairing with a selection of fine wine is definitely the icing on the cake. Since ancient times, a good wine has been paired with beautiful lover, regardless of candlelight dinner, Staycation, romantic check-in, open a bottle of wine, slowly savor the changes in the cup with your lover, and enjoy the perfect White Valentine’s Day between you and your love. Even covid-19 outbreak, what remains the same is that you are still with each other and rely on each other.

Love is like Umeshu

With a little sweetness, a little bitterness, sometimes refreshing and tangy, sometimes a little acidity, the balance of sour and sweet, plus a rich fruity fragrance, it also brings out the freshness of plums. The reason for its popularity around the world is also its most fascinating place, just like love.


Showing your love

This Valentine’s Day, celebrate love by treating your partner, pals, kids, yourself – all your favorite people to a thoughtful gift. Choose a Umeshu to show that Valentine’s Day can be a loving celebration with everyone in your life. From your partner to your friends, family, and colleagues, Valentine’s Day is a fun time to celebrate both love and friendship together.