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天文台最新宣布會在今天(10月12日)下午5時20分或以前發出八號熱帶氣旋警告信號,受到圓規與東北季候風的共同影響下,本港風勢將會繼續增強❗ 真喺一波未平一波又起😥,大家記得要注意自己嘅安全呀🦺同埋要做好防風防水浸嘅措施啦❗ 多咗時間留喺屋企,不妨上嚟睇下有冇心儀嘅美酒啦🍷 即日起至10月14號,HHLSTORE快閃推廣,於網店購物即享 全店八折優惠*❗等大家留喺屋企嘅時候都可以選購返自己心儀嘅酒呀🥳

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Umenoyado Brewery

Well-known sake brewery in Nara, Japan, produce high-quality sakes and liquor includes one of the most famous Yuzu Sake with Japanese sake base. Their sake is handcrafted and brewed with a high average polishing ratio of rice, 55%. Umenoyado chooses to keep a traditional brewing method and produce high-quality sake, based on the blessing of nature, becoming a pride.


Vina Pomal

Viña Pomal embodies the best winemaking tradition of the Rioja Alta, after a hundred years of history producing wines of great quality and consolidated prestige, added to the unbeatable situation of its own vineyard, in the municipality of Haro.


Amabuki Brewery

Amabuki Shuzo has been producing sake for 300 years, and its brewers, who have inherited skills accumulated during its long history, are earnestly making an effort to produce good sake using sake-brewing rice harvested in the fertile Saga Plain, mild river-bed water from the Sefuri-Tensan areas, and new flower yeast. Enriching your relaxing times with the rich flavor in our brews has been Amabuki’s ultimate duty and joy.