Umenoyado Brewery (梅乃宿酒造)

[Nara 奈良]

Well-known sake brewery in Nara, Japan, produce high-quality sakes and liquor includes one of the most famous Yuzu Sake with Japanese sake base. Their sake is handcrafted and brewed with a high average polishing ratio of rice, 55%. Umenoyado chooses to keep a traditional brewing method and produce high-quality sake, based on the blessing of nature, becoming a pride.

A New Sake Culture

How Umenoyado thinks to create new Sake culture is to explore joy within great taste. What we concern is the smiles of consumers, not categories or names of the products. We will challenge ourselves to produce Sake that makes people happy.

Sake Based Fruit Liqueur

Umenoyado was the first sake brewery to develop sake based fruit liqueurs. With sake as the base, is to create a thick texture like a juice. You may enjoy a fruity appeal, just-right sweetness, and aroma just like a fruit dessert.

Featured Items

Umenoyado Yuzu Shu 720ml

  • Selected Shikoku and Kyushu yuzu
  • Well balance between zesty lemons and sweet oranges
  • Blended with premium sake and give a crisp aroma with rich flavour and mellow textures

Umenoyado Frutas Mango 720ml

  • Simply add ice cubes or cool soda water to enjoy.
  • Very rich mango pulp and juice, good balance with acidity and sweetness
  • Using Indian Alphonso mangoes which are known as the Mango King

Umenoyado Fuca Junmai Daiginjo 720ml


  • Junmai Daiginjo made from “Yamadanishiki”, polished down to 50%.
  • The superbly balanced, deep taste unique to Junmai Daiginjo spreads in the mouth and subtly stimulates.
  • Have distinctive, bright and clear taste.