Luxurious Taste by Luxurious Production

With the blessed natural environment, the precious history and tradition indispensable for local sake, and the momentum of brewing sake. Behind the flourishing sake brewing in Aichi prefecture, in addition to the advantage of the area, it was blessed with an average annual temperature of 15.5 degrees Celsius, a climate suitable for fermentation of moromi, good quality sake rice, and clean spring water.


Nakano Sake Brewery aims to improve quality by using cutting edge technology in creating Japanese sake. In the past, where human intuition and experience were heavily relied on for determining temperature and moisture for adjusting and controlling.
Nakano Sake Brewery has developed technology to help facilitate and substitute for some of these processes. This allows brewmasters to focus on processes that require traditional craftmanship and their use of five senses to create the finest products. By using technology and cutting-edge machinery as tools to help create databases for analyzing data and case-studies, along with the combination of traditional craftmanship, they are able to create consistently high-quality products.


Kunizakari - The Top TEN Sake Brewery

  • This Ranking assign points to each sake brewery (sakagura) based on their results in worldwide sake contests every year, and rank the top 50 scorers. In 2020, there were 659 sakagura eligible for the ranking, with a total of 1,835 sakes submitted to contests.
  • This ranking process removes the popularity element in favor of blind rating by professionals, with higher point totals for awards that use more strict evaluation.
  • By ranking sakagura in general as well as specific products, this offers a guide to those choosing sake.