Happy Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is coming,  on May 9! In 2021, given the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, many of us are rethinking how to give extra recognition to moms. Some of us are apart from our moms when we’d normally be together. And many of us are worried about our moms, some of whom are in the high-risk age range. So that many of us are rethinking how to give extra recognition to moms, especially if we’re apart. Find out some fun ideas for spending time with Mom—from a virtual dinner date to a long-distance movie night to a Zoom talent show or a sincerity gift to her? like a UMESHU

The Season of Ume (Plum)

As the weather continues to warm up across the country, ripe fruits and veggies are finally making their springtime debuts. In season May through early October, plums are relatives of the peach, nectarine, and almond, and in some parts of the country, the first plums are just coming into season. Plum wine’s antioxidant levels have been identified as “moderate”, making it superior to cherry and raspberry. Moreover, one advantage that plum wine has over other varieties is that it contains far fewer histamines , which are responsible for many of the headaches you experience after drinking. Plum wine also features several essential minerals, including calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, iron and potassium.

Love is like Umeshu

With a little sweetness, a little bitterness, sometimes refreshing and tangy, sometimes a little acidity, the balance of sour and sweet, plus a rich fruity fragrance, it also brings out the freshness of plums. The reason for its popularity around the world is also its most fascinating place, just like love.