Kikisake-shi (唎酒師)

Japanese sake is a cultural that Japanese people are proud of. Through the Globalization and Hong Kong people’s increasing love for Japanese food, Japanese sake has become the popular alcoholic drink and the best partner to pairing with Japanese food. The number of sake lovers are also increasing.

There are Sommeliers in western wines, and Kikisake-shi in Japanese sake. They are not only a title, but also a professional qualification. 

SAKE Service Institute is abbreviated as SSI, established in 1991. It is an authentic Japanese sake research and training institution dedicated to training Japanese sake talents.

Kikisake-shi is translated as “Sake Sommelier” in Japanese. The Sommelier Course is a course focusing on sake introduction and sake serving, with the purpose of improving sake tasting and promoting sake culture.

 In Hop Hing Loong, all sake purchaser and online store administrators are passed the Kikisake-shi exam. We aim to provide the best and reasonable sake to all of our customer.


Kikisake-shi 's selection

Next, I will introduce you a variety of sake selected by the sommelier, and take you to taste high-quality sake!


Kinryo - Kagawa

Remaining faithful to the same spirit of manufacturing for over 360 years, we place the most importance on “sincerity” and “quality”. With steady effort and response in good faith to the social needs and based on our company motto “Superior ideas and teamwork”, we will continue to work as a “Comprehensive lifestyle company” and hope to relate with customers in a wide range of fields.

 Working towards tomorrow – we are Nishino Kinryo.

Kizakura - Fushimi

Kizakura is located in the Fushimi district of Kyoto, blessed with an abundance of underground spring water “Fushimizu”, ideal for making sake. Even the place name “Fushimi” is derived from the meaning of spring water. Kizakura has remained devoted to the tradition of sake brewing, aiming to bring delicious sake to customers. We have continued to develop many types of sake to suit the market needs.Kinryo.

Umenoyado - Nara

A brewery that creates new Sake culture – How Umenoyado thinks to create new Sake cultureis to explore joy within great taste. What we concern is the smiles of consumers,not categories or names of the products. We will challenge ourselves to produce Sake that makes people happy.