Alsace - The Gem of France

A Remarkable Wine Region

Alsace wine or Alsatian wine is produced in the Alsace region in France and is primarily white wine. Because of its Germanic influence, it is the only Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée region in France to produce mostly varietal wines, typically from similar grape varieties to those used in German wine. Along with Austria and Germany, it produces some of the most noted dry Rieslings in the world as well as highly aromatic Gewürztraminer wines. Wines are produced under three different AOCs: Alsace AOC for white, rosé and red wines, Alsace Grand Cru AOC for white wines from certain classified vineyards and Crémant d’Alsace AOC for sparkling wines. Both dry and sweet white wines are produced.


The Best - Riesling

Alsace wine will change your perception of a traditionally sweet Riesling. Recognized as the Rhine varietal par excellence, the Riesling makes white wines reputed to be among the best in the world. They are considered to be fine wines. The Riesling grape variety provides dry wines characterized by great freshness. Racy and yet slightly fruity, they are incredibly subtle, fine wines par excellence. They are perfect served with traditional Alsatian dishes such as sauerkraut, but also with fish and shellfish. In the nose, it is subtle and racy, with lots of fruit scents like citrus, or floral such as white dead-nettle or linden. Depending on the soil, the Riesling can have even more aromas.


The Wonderful - Gewurztraminer

Besides Riesling, Alsace produces quite a lot of Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris and Gewurztraminer.  Gewurztraminer is another grape familiar to Alsace’s biggest character. Which is also one of the most famous producing regions in the world. This is a quick-ripening grape of the old Traminer variety, from Tramin in the southern part of the Austrian Tyrol. It has always been grown in Alsace. This aromatic grape delivers lush, full-bodied wines. The wine is an intense yellow with hints of gold, a result of the dark pink grapes. The scent is an explosion of tropical fruits, citrus and spices, all blending into a fragrance that is both powerful and complex.



The gem to explore in France

The total area of Alsace vineyards is only the size of two Hong Kong islands. However, the local soil conditions are very diverse. Most of the vineyard soils are composed of four or five different rocks, which give birth to very distinctive wines. Due to the diversity of soils, different grapes and terroirs produce unique wines.  On the other hand, the Alsace climate is distinct due to the alternation of hot days and chilly night during the autumn, perfect conditions for slow and extended grape ripening. This privileges the development of complex aromas and maintains a ripe acidity which provides freshness to wines. Alsace is a “French Treasure” worth exploring.



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