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The Hotpot Season

Hotpot has always been very popular in Hong Kong. The long cold winter seasons is the best to sit around a boiling hotpot for a long time and converse heartily while enjoying delicious food cooked in the hotpot. Moreover, hotpot is a great way to socialize and very easy to prepare. There is nothing impossible to combine, the only thing you need to consider is a good wine.



Sparkling wines and food are a fantastic pairing, especially Hotpot meets Champagne. The innate bubbles of Champagne is the key, firm bubbles offer you a refreshing taste and balance the oily taste of meats. Moreover, the coveted acidity added bonus of becoming a palate cleanser. If you pair up with seafood, it helps to Bring out the unique sweetness of seafood. 

Recommend you the Didier Chopin 1er Cru Grande Reserve Cuvee Brut Champagne, Sweet floral notes develop with air. Minerality is this wine’s calling card, particularly on the finish, which is incredibly elegant.




Umami is the most important element of Sake flavour. Amino acids are the basis of this umami, and Sake contains many times more amino acids than beer or wine. Seafood will never be absence from hotpot, umami of sake enhances the flavours of seafood with which it is shared, helping to make seafood even more delicious. 

Tamanohikari, born in 1673. For 340 years, with care and dedication, they have continued to brew the finest sake. We recommend Tamanohikari Junmai-Daiginjo Bizen-Omachi Vintage 3 years, it is it is aged for 3 years. Fruity aroma and mellow and deep taste from aging. This full bodied sake is good to match hotpot even a strong soup base. 


Red Wine

If the soup base you choose that night is more intense, you might as well pair it with a thicker red wine, such as Aureum Acinum Amarone Della Valpolicella Classico DOC from the top winery Valleselle from Valpolicella, a well-known wine region. The region is famous for Amarone. Air-dry the grapes to reduce the moisture in the grapes and concentrate the flavor and sugar. The entrance is thick and supple, with a mature and mellow taste, with attractive red fruits and unique spice aromas. Next time when you having satay soup or pork soup, Lets pairing up.


Moscato D’Asti

Almost into the winter, under the severe cold, a spicy hot pot can refresh the taste buds, and even help drive away the cold and dampness, but how should the spicy food match wine? Spicy hot pot tastes heavy and greasy, and sparkling wine with light weight and sweetness is the most suitable match.

Cugnexio Moscato D’ASTI from Italy is a slightly sweet sparkling wine with low alcohol concentration and rich aromas of lychee and honey. The light sweetness can alleviate the spiciness. Chill and dense bubbles can balance the oily taste, allow you to take one more bite!